CURRENT ISSUE » XXXII.1 Spring 2019 (Disarm)

Angi Tianzhu / “Identity”



A note from the editor


Featuring: Witness Literary Award winners

Fiction (selected by Lesley Nneka Arimah)

First Place: Jane Pek, The Nine-Tailed Fox Explains

Runner Up: John Tait, The Kristian Vang Fan Club

Poetry (selected by Hanif Abdurraqib)

First Place: Sophia Stid, Apophatic Ghazal

Runner Up: Renia White, lump



Miriam Cohen, Guns Are Safer for Children Than Laundry Detergent

Lance Olsen, the noise knowledge makes (an excerpt from my red heaven)

Samar Fitzgerald, The Age of Getting By

Mark Budman, The Invisible Man

Eric Severn, Love

Robert Garner McBrearty, Sarge and Hollings

Jameelah Lang, Tree People

Jennifer Sears,What Mennonite Girls Are Good For

Christine Vines, Redacted

Courtney Sender, The Docent



Amy Collini, Magnum

David Mura, Performing Prop 8

Richard Prins, Down and Up in Dar es Salaam


Cover Photo

Angi Tianzhu, Identity