Why lampoon larboard? It’s a lovely word; it doesn’t fatally lodge—well, colonialism, OK, anyway, the point is I like it; is it low self-esteem, posturing, or plain sense makes me find that reason inadequate?

In the 7th century, the 11th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 21st: blossoms—believing barbarism’s made True when made practice—constitutes the constitution if God is just you’ll be punished; I’ve gotten lost in the pleasure of writing and written

Thoughts I’m unsure I believe; I want to admit to error, to emphasize mazy: straight lines miss almost all the points. Prose which is strictly speaking seems unpleasant as an immediate prospect unlike chicken or a chick flick—big dick to

Tastily tastefully suck not days or seconds later seems succumbed to. I’m sure there’re Beverly Hills babes who are happy not horror-stricken to spend the day with dirt paths, shit, cheeps of chicks and cute hicks; one eyes me in my imagination, says “howdy.”