Coda comes from the Latin cauda, “tail.” Only naturally can this end with a tail.

My uncle sat down with Walt Disney and his people in the sixties. Uncle gifted 3,000 acres of cheap, middle-of-nowhere land to Disney, and Disney gifted stock to my uncle in return. With the government’s blessing, the company avoided taxation because of the economic stimulation Disney would bring, and in that way about 28,000 acres of palmetto brush, cattle land, and swamp became Disney World and its add-ons.

Disney opened a satellite production facility in Florida’s Lake Buena Vista in the summer of 1988. The studio did ink and paint support for The Little Mermaid. I’d been born a few months earlier, only 15 miles away.

There’s more, but what I think happened is that a convergence of currents generated a whirlpool, and I got sucked down its Charybdian throat. It all seems very fishy, doesn’t it? But we know that’s what intrigue smells like. Like something rotten in the state of Denmark.

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