Ironic physics principle about less skin-surface area,
People actually get wetter running through a downpour than walking.
Presto-change-o: evening’s an inductive conclusion of any afternoon.
Before I learned to read I learned to read minds. Because I exist

In the digital age, my uncanny memory for phone numbers is
Transforming into a carnivorous dinosaur. Should there be a plane
Crash, I never fly with myself on the same flight so I continue to exist
In solitary confinement, serving two consecutive life-sentences,

Often impersonating myself. Poetry, I suspect, is recognizing how
The world’s secret hiding places evolve beyond their intended functions.
For instance, virtually no one uses his car’s glove compartment
For the sole purpose of stashing gloves anymore & most of us drive so

Nonchalantly, only one finger guiding the steering wheel. I’m older
Than my father because I am older than my father was when he died.
Me-myself, I am the type of father who drinks from invisible tea cups,
Crammed into toy furniture, conversing with imaginary playmates

The daughter I don’t have invented. In this world I take a chainsaw
To couch legs—tall people sit down & don’t know where to put
Their gloves. Ironic principle of physics, when a wild baseball breaks
A window that crack travels at the speed of sound, which is slower

Than the escape of outside boys, but glass does not decompose for
A million years. A significant number of the daydreaming masses
Is literally frightened to death each year in its overpopulated solitary
Confinement, often from a noise as innocuous as a backfiring muscle-car.