one day was the first day
                                                 cool and a question of
           perspiration on the tabletop
                      the new building set stone over stone
           among tall weeds next to the river
                                   on the ground lost with the bugs
                      a daydream of spiders in the snow


one day was the second day
                                   dim and windy
           blocked by the last rays of sun
                                                 a mutual tower
crisp mint and fantastic women


                                   i’ve been having this trouble
                                                 your hat
           upside down and perched over
the staircase
                      the unique marks
           of teeth on my skin
our names graffitied
                      onto matchbooks
lean me westward
                                   a stalk of tall grass
           around my index finger
the purpling of the tip


                                   this trouble with
                                                            a white stone
                      chalky in my hand
                                                 when we draw a flower or a bird