drinking water and running water
staying power
luxury suite
protein powder
performance enhancer: Spring

corsage which blooms on the chest
stabbed with two pearltipped needles
crosswise: skinny ribcage, skinny pout
South Bend, Indiana
the Grand Duke’s route

the pause to discuss the route in front of the deli
in which the bullet like an order slip
slips from the assassin’s grip
Spring breeze, Spring rain
the bullet slipping the throat of the gun

noses the barrel’s grain and goes
sipping the Spring air like
here’s my order: Spring: take a number
watercanon. the Springform pan
snaps away, the cake drops, jumbo plane

lost in the download
like a sack of groceries
lost between the store and home
blowing its cargo

blowing up the flotation device
bomb dispersal
elite in vitro filtre pak

love philtre: love love: flare patch
the flaring patch at the base of the skull like a low laurel hardy ashbat swung solo & why
should the base of the skull wear a crown
seat of learning
fundamental lure a laurel tree

with Daphne inside
or Houdini in his milk–pod
ready to burst
pukish, peritonitish

and covered with a hairlike furze
the inflatable vest
the life vest
also equip’d with a whistle like: Spring, you are
Spring’s clean team Spring’s death squad Spring’s victim song Spring

teeters on the edge of the balcony
in a slim silk gown that wants to fall and kiss
the faultline hairline fracture
hearing the door slide back on its track: crack
open, Spring

the supermodel bone structure
the beautiful odd fossil of the hand
like something designed by Leonardo Da Vinci
or a bird inside the skin
just now closing around a bat

want to teeter
want to plummet
want to fly
beneath the radar
breakup anthem

run all through the house

like running water and drinking water
run through the walls
cold child–hands
close and release in the pipes their cold coins
he who mourns is necrophile

thistle in his throat
mourning band
shoved in his throat
this is the way the stemcell

delivers Spring
by force
majeur du jour
the rash contracts
contract the content

to a cramped scrawl like a limb which scrawls:
Spring on air
I’m on my stumps
I don’t have my legs
but I’m armed

to endure
to become inflamed
to become enflamed
engulfed in flame
a flame war, a gulf war

to set my wells on fire
to buoy in the gulf
to bob to infiltrate my life vest
to blow into the reed which is a whistle
to illuminate my pouch in flames

to let in
Spring which has arrived
and vomited seven times before the photographs of the victim
which is the site where the chemical kissed the paper
which is the pithy pulp of trees

bashed up and battered in
and her cast of slaughtered nymphs
in fluted gowns
the chief among which is Daphne

even now demonstrating their safety devices
even now shaking their tambourines
even now inflating their life vests
and dancing in a carbon ring: for Spring:
that laurel tree that laurel laurelling