Witness magazine cover for Missed Connections (Spring 2022)Missed Connections (Spring 2022)

Editors Note: In the '90s the "Missed Connections" craigslist advertisement section held a spark of intrigue or, dare we say, romance in the idea that a chance encounter might lead to the possibility of something better. Yes, at times, these ads could be a bit too revealing of our innermost desires, but even at their worst, should we fault them for reaching for connection, that vital need in all our hearts? Perhaps that is why it persists today as its own unique written form, touched with both satire and sincerity amidst a field of picture-laden, swipe-oriented apps. It also might not surprise you to learn that the missed connection has inspired other forms of art and writing, and most recently, an eponymic, interactive and virtual play, Missed Connections (Tai and Gruhin, 2021).

So are you looking for a missed connection, dear reader? Are you looking for poetry that acknowledges all that we may have missed in our difficult times, that attempts to measure the impact of that absence and distance? We have that here. Are you looking for essays that examine how our familial, historical or romantic connections inevitably influence how we approach our futures? We have those. Are you looking for stories that explore the ghosts of lives we might have lived, or possibilities generated by speaking up after a subtle look or accidental touch? You can find them here. Are you here, reaching for work that might remind you of what it is to feel longing, wistfulness and so much hope? We are here for you.

-Robert Ren

Witness magazine cover for Online Issue: Winter 2021

Online Issue: Winter 2021

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