CURRENT ISSUE » XXX.3 Winter 2017

Carter Mull / “Cadere…cadavor”
Part of a tableau photography series called Shifting States for which the artist modeled family relationships with a coded set of materials ranging from dust and human hair to fake jewels.


Adam Greenberg, from “Fortune”

Jane Huffman, Sestina, Spilling Over

Andrew Joron, While I Was Away

Karen Kevorkian, Cat Rampaging a House at Night Howling for a Cloth Mouse

Kimberly Kruge, from “ARTICULATION”

Marina Tsvetaeva, translated by Mary White Poem of the Gates


Kimberly Anton, What Are You Afraid Of?

Alex Madison, Penguin Classic

Jessica Metzler, The Jumping Off Place

Stephen Pett, The H-Shaped Thing

Robert Ziegler, Walking


Jennifer Doe, Any Woman Can Write This