Paul D’Amato


John Addiego, The Immaculate Conception

Max Apple, Strawberry Shortcake

Rita Welty Bourke, Brompton’s Cocktail

Ron Carlson, Asteroid Intervention

Jerry Dennis, Birthday

Clyde Edgerton, Through a Glass Eye

Michael Guerra, The Trophy Room

Richard Hoffman, Harvey’s Birthday

Erin McGraw, Lucky Devil

Valerie Miner, Until Spring

Mildred Verba Morris, My Hero

Joyce Carol Oates, I’m Not Your Son, I Am No One You Know

Floyd Skloot, The Wanderer

Eugene Stein, In the Garden

Joe Wahman, Don Quixote San Diego

Paul West, Idlewild


John Balaban, The Lives of the Poets

Robert Bensen, Look at These Hands

David Citino, Willard Scott Makes It to the Next Century

Cortney Davis, Like Mother, 30 Years Before Her Death

Alice Friman, The Talent Show

Tess Gallagher, She Wipes Out Time

Donald Hall, Poultry

Bob Hicok, Then / Age Before Beauty

William Hunt, Below You / Finding Our Way

David James, The Lesson

Peter Johnson, Cheerleader

Laura Kasischke, Fortieth Birthday / Rabbit Hole

Phyllis Koestenbaum, Strict Practices / Eavesdropping on Disease

George Looney, A Question of Landscapes

Walt McDonald, Snowed in at Sixty / Leaving the Middle Years

Joan Murray, Help / Earl Yost’s Widow

Dixie Partridge, White Noise

Linda Pastan, 50 Years

Jay Rogoff, Death’s Love / Pyramid of the Sun

Liz Rosenberg, The House of the Invalids / The Ordinary House

Ralph Sneeden, Retirement: A Fragment / The Hayloft

Katherine Soniat, World Drift

Randolph Thomas, A Nonsense Song at Catawba Institute

Russell Thorburn, Father, Tell Me I Have Not Aged

David Wagoner, For an Old Woman Singing in the House Across the Street

Charles Harper Webb, Invisible / Defining Wife-Beater / Golden Age Cruise

Jeff Worley, Here Is My Father


Jeffrey Hammond, Goodnight, Eileen

Jeanne Schinto, The Last Tag Sale

Dorothy Wall, Facing


Anders Goldfarb, Friends