Paul D’Amato


Mitch Berman, To These Guys

Alan Cheuse, On the Beach

Stuart Dybek, Cruising / Plato Plato

Diane Glancy, A New Confederacy

Michael A. Griffith, Kidnapped (A Romance)

Matthew Lee, Under the Cross-Bronx

Joyce Carol Oates, An Urban Paradox

Edith Pearlman, Rules

Joan Silber, Bobby Jackson

Gregory Skwira, Night Birds

John Snibbe, War Stories


John Balaban, Some Notes on Miami

Jim Daniels, Looking It Up / Outside the Arcade

Mark Doty, Homo Will Not Inherit

Albert Goldbarth, Cityscape

Steve Langan, Omaha

Peter LaSalle, In Other Cities

Mary Oliver, A Summer Afternoon

Alicia Ostriker, A Walker in the City

Linda Pastan, ‘City of Ambition’

Katherine Soniat, Storyville, November 12, 1917: Midnight

Judith Vollmer, My Sublimation


Richard Currey, The Second World

Bia Lowe, Wings

James A. McPherson, Saturday Night, and Sunday Morning

Peter Najarian, A Window Into Eden

Richard Plant, Coming Out of the OK-City

David Shields, Life Is Elsewhere

Michael Stephens, The Last White Man in Brooklyn


Mark Steinmetz Chicago Rush Hour