Courtesy of Peter Stine


Marcia Aldrich, Covered

Rita Ariyoshi, The Highway of Diamonds

Pete Fromm, A Splash of Red

Kirby Gann, Calamities

C.J. Hribal, And That’s the Name of That Tune

Jean Ross Justice, Sitting in the Dark

Anna Keesey, Loose Horse

Nadine Kijner, Water

Kent Nelson, Rituals of Sleep

Paul West, Tumblehome


Ellery Akers, My Mother, Sunbathing

Marcus Cafagna, Gloomy Sunday / Lithium

Cortney Davis, Everyday, the Pregnant Teenagers

Gary Fincke, The Fathers I Could See from My Room

Dan Gerber, The Cool Earth Just Before He Died / Psalm

Julia Kasdorf, Letter to Dad from New Danville, 1998

Maxine Kumin, The Brown Mountain

Thomas Lynch, Testaments / Margaret

Wesley McNair, Weeds

Linda Pastan, Family History

Maureen Seaton, Sweethearts / Nostradamus Predicts the Destruction of New York

Ralph Sneeden, Eeling / Stranger

Virgil Suarez, The Seamstress


Charisse Coleman, Remembrance

Laurie Gunst, Claudine

Joseph McElroy, My Life

Roland Merullo, What a Father Leaves

Floyd Skloot, Zip

M.G. Stephens, Clearwater Blues

Sima Rabinowitz, Body of Knowledge


Patrick O’Hare, New York Families