Doug Hagley


Ron Carlson, What We Wanted to Do

Mark O’Donnell, A Brownish Christmas

Clyde Edgerton, Tending Trees, Modern Methods, 1891, Mumford, Colorado

Molly Giles, Walking Tour: Rohnert Park

Albert Goldbarth, The Short Course in Humor

Steven Hartman, Buffalo Billy, Cochise the Eighth and the year of many things

Robin Hemley, The Employee’s Head / An Intruder

Richard Hill, The Old Man and the Park

Harold Jaffe, Drug Addict

Richard Krawiec, Maggots, Infidelity, and the Oyster Roast

Peter LaSalle, Found Fragment from the Log of the Ship Moby Dick

William Losinger, Angels of Love

Paul Milenski, Wood Eye, Wood Eye

Helen Norris, The Year of the Parrot

Derek Pell, Short Story of O Lolita, Over the Hill

George W. Sanders, The Wavemaker Falters

Eugene Stein, A Monetary History of Philip Miller

Marc Vincenti, Or What?

Daniel Wallace, The Story of a Hairy Man

Ed Weyhing, The Walk Will Do Them Good


Paul Lake, Dead Poets Society

Edward Nobles, Sunday in the Park / Near Incident

Barbara Selfridge, The Napper

Mary Ann Waters, Poetry Workshop: The Extra-Large Muse

Susan Wheeler, Peanut Agglutinin / Framingham


Heather Ross Miller, General MacArthur for Christmas

David Shields, Eight Essays


Mark Steinmetz, Knoxville