Aaron Kiley


Bonnie Joe Campbell, My Dog Roscoe

Kenneth Cook, Nature’s Way

Stuart Dybek, Song, Poison, Destiny, Ascent

Pete Fromm, Attack

Jaimy Gordon, Mr Boll Weevil

Patricia Halloff, Can I Live This Way?

Kathe Koja, The Oblivion Quartet

Thomas Lynch, Catch and Release

Jane McCafferty, The Dog Who Saved Her

William D. Schaefer, Androcles and the Four Paws

Lynda Schor, Still the Top Banana

Terese Svoboda, Two Dog High


Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Cigarettes Proved Fatal for 21 Horses / Secret Experiment

Robert Bly, Visiting the Musk Ox

Stephen Dunn, The Animals of America

Stuart Friebert, Jugging

Robert Funge, Footsteps

Gary Gildner, Separation

Ray Gonzalez, Rattlesnakes Hammered on the Wall / Swatting the Fly / The Red Horse / The White Squirrel

Michael Hettich, Jubilee / My Daughter’s Birds / Anything I Really Mean

Bob Hicok, Cutting Edge / Who’ll Say Dugong When the Dugong’s Gone? / Some Assembly Required

David Huddle, Remarkable Birdsong in Denton, Texas

Ted Kooser, Nine White Ducks / Longlegs Spiders / Ladderbacked Woodpecker / Snake / A Dog’s Grave

George Looney, Sacrifice / Animals Posed Severe / While His Body Sang

Walt McDonald, Random Acts of Kindness / Crows and Montana Squatters

Sharon Olds, The Rat in the English Department

Mary Oliver, Gratitude / Mink

Linda Pastan, The Butterfly Tree

Lawrence Raab, Talking to the Dog

Michael J. Rosen, Blind / Georgic: On Spinning

Thomas Smith, The Snapping Turtle / The Fly

Ralph Sneeden, Pigs Watered in Heat Wave

Shawn Sturgeon, Coyote Dreams He Is Columbus / Coyote Drops the Bomb / Coyote Exile

Virgil Suarez, Lost Tribes or the Incendiary Passage of the Horseshoe Crab / Coyote Song

Ira Sukrungruang, When Peacocks Scream

Virginia Chase Sutton, Twenty-Five Years a Headliner / At Yellowstone

David Wagoner, Rooster / The Toad / Lunch / The Old Raccoon / For a Newborn Muskrat

Charles Harper Webb, Justified / To Become a Perfect Lover / Tormenting the Cat


Sarah L. Courteau, Chicken 81

Diane Glancy, Hog Barn

Maxine Kumin, Our Bears

Brenda Peterson, The Hunter and the Hunted

Keith Taylor, Ecological History in North America


Gary Williams, American Wildlife