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from the Editor’s Comment


M.J. Cohen, Good Bread

Smith Henderson The Cowboy’s Wife

Megan Kruse, Dollywood

Angie Lee, Eupcaccia

Nathan Oates, Developing

Jason Magabo Perez, megastardom

Kellee Ngan, Margo, Close-up

Kevin C. Powers, Landscape with Minaret and Straw Dolls

Robert Rosenberg, Citizen, Speak Turkish

Matthew Salesses, How to Plant a Dog

Elizabeth Schulte, The Only Thing Virginia Loves

B.R. Smith, Caregivers

Steven Wingate, In the Beginning

David Yost, The Dog, the Boy, and the Wife: Three Stories of Burma


John M. Anderson, I Was Raised by Walter Brennan

Cynthia Arrieu-King, Deer of Los Angeles

Paula Bohince, Hornet’s Nest / Robin’s Egg

Joseph Campana, Suite for the Twentieth Century

René Char, Invitation / Alive Tomorrow

A.V. Christie, Days Like a Diary / Fugue: Neonatal Unit

Matthew Cooperman, Still: Screening

Eduardo C. Corral, To a Jornalero Cleaning Out My Neighbor’s Garage / Untitled (Perfect Lovers) …

Bryan D. Dietrich, Eden, Fonda, Welch, Dickinson, Wagner

Kathleen Hellen, Hide the daughters, hide the rice

Derek Henderson, Shoulders

Gretchen E. Henderson, from Galerie de Difformité

Luljeta Lleshanaku, After the Evening Movie / Yellow Book / Flashback 1 / Flashback 2

Patricia Lockwood, Hereafter but Not in Hell … / St. Meniscus of the Eyelash is Slaughtered

Wayne Miller, The Beautiful City (in 32 Strokes)

Jennifer Moss, The Fog Remembered Fever

Amy Newman, The Rabbit Catcher/The Rabbit Catcher

Eric Pankey, Cold Mountain Meditations

Gretchen Steele Pratt, The Secret Kingdom of the Swifts

Srikanth Reddy, from Voyager, Book One

Rebecca Givens Rolland, Easier Harbors

Erika L. Sánchez, Juárez

Amy Newlove Schroeder, Many Rooms / Candling / Stolen from the Night Factory

Maggie Schwed, What the Left Hand Is

Dawn Tefft, Clutching a Pole in Norway

César Vallejo, Black Stone on a White Stone

Charles Harper Webb, Have I Got a Script for You

Jonathan Weinert, Report of the Witness


Erik Anderson, Beyond the Red Balloon

Michelle Disler, The James Bond Alphabet

Krista Eastman, Layers of Ice

Akiva Freidlin, Mourner’s Kaddish in Mumbai

Kevin Haworth, Far Out All My Life


Jessica Dimmock, from Paparazzi!