Paul D’Amato


Karen E. Bender, Uck

Richard Burgin, Duck Pills

Cortney Davis, Products of Conception

Gary Fincke, There’s Worse

Diane Glancy, Red Lake

Bob Hicok, Telepathy

Richard Hoffman, Interference

Joe Meno, Saturday’s OK with Me

Nami Mun, Shelter

June Akers Seese, My Father Talks and I Listen

David Shields, Boys vs. Girls


Nin Andrews, Amazon Jane / Jane. Who Else?

John Balaban, Big Boy

Jim Daniels, Vine of the Souls

Stuart Dybek, Halo

Joel Friederich, Refinishing the Boy / A Diet of Worms

Albert Goldbarth, 1954: The Chandelier / Scrabble in ‘Assisted Living’

Roy Jacobstein, Once Upon a Time in the West / Galoshes

Helen Klein Ross, In Which Raising Children is Likened to Taking in Birds

Phyllis Koestenbaum, Sleeping in Movies

Maxine Kumin, The Corset Shop

Laurence Lieberman, Wing Bones of the Child Drummer

C.P. Mangel, Providence

Dionisio D. Martinez, Cradle Song / One Afternoon

Mark McCarthy, The Window / And There Was Crying / Court Street

Joan Murray, Treat Shack

Linda Pastan, Reading Poetry to Children at Crownpoint

Michael Pettit, Birthday Bunny

Lawrence Raab, Nature Camp

David Salner, My Father Catches Me Off, Guard

Paula Sergi, Frankie Finds His Voice / Captivity Narrative

Joan I. Siegel, One Summer Night / A Song

Aaron Smith, Lucky / Psalm: Queer / Jesus Christ Boy

Terese Svoboda, Sousa at Seventeen

S. Brady Tucker, Sunshine Running Wild

David Wagoner, The Hunters

Charles Harper Webb, I Can’t Stop Thinking of Harold Von Braunhut

William Wenthe, Authority, or, One Reason We Became Narcissists / Evolution

Nance Van Winckel, Surely Then, Surely So / After the Mystic Came to Our Town / The Occasional Hand Descends


Scott Russell Sanders, The Color of Skin

Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Meditations in Time of War

Floyd Skoot, Running After my Father

Brent Spencer, Red-Eyed Dog


Mark Steinmetz, Knoxville Kids