Paul D’Amato


Michael Downs, Prison Food

Peter Fromm, Dancing

Kate James, Here’s the War Story I Know

Peter LaSalle, Art History

Dennis Littrell, Garbage Sam and the Bill Passer

Thomas Lynch, Blood Sport

Clarence Major, Innocence

David Means, Carnie

Kent Nelson, Skyway

Joyce Carol Oates, The Girl with the Blackened Eye

Pedro Ponce, A Primer of Investigative Terms

Lynda Schor, Collateral Damage

Judith Strasser, Black History Month

G.K. Wuori, Phyllis and Henry


Ai, The Psychic Detective: Fantasy

John Balaban, Eddie / Butter People

Jan Beatty, Penitentiary / The Kill

Michael Casey, The Guns of Bonnie or Clyde / Patch of Green

Johnson Cheu, Caught Prey / Capital Crime / In Still Moments

David Citino, The Death of Gorilla Monsoon

Gary Fincke, Running Through Directions

Bob Hicok, Capital Crime / In Still Moments

Roy Jacobstein, Art and Life: Anecdotal Evidence / Pre-Med / Atomic Numbers

Maggie Jaffe, Daniel in the House of Cards / Marianne

Maxine Kumin, Pantoum, with Swan

Ross Martin, The DNA Show / Have You Seen Me

C.M. Mayo, Jade / Bank / Cat

Brad Richard, Eye-Fucking

Katherine Soniat, Approaching a Summer Scene

Ann Townsend, Her Black Shoe

Charles Harper Webb, The Only Way to Avoid Pain Is to Give It / Eight Kamakazis Each / Fidelity Information Recovery, Inc.

Jeff Worley, First Job / Griff’s Burger Bar


John D’Agata, American Police Hall of Fame

Joseph Bathanti, Halloween

Alyce Miller, The Ninth One


Keith Taylor, Bad Guys Are More Fun: An Interview with Elmore Leonard


Mark Steinmetz, Missing