Alex Webb


Elise Blackwell, After Carville

Elizabeth Brundage, Even the Wind

Kelly Cherry, Outlander

Reza Daneshvar, Don’t Go to the Reception with Friends of the Groom!

Greg Downs, The Hired Man

Ernest J. Finney, Exiting California

Ethan Hauser, Tangleview / Valleywood

Lucy Honig, Messwechuit Neck, Insh’Allah

Diane Lefer, The Atlas Mountains

Bia Lowe, Kryptonite

Peter Nathaniel Malae, Tags

Hasanthika Sirisena, The Best and the Brightest

John E. Smelcer, Darkness

Chuck Wachtel, Someone Who Could Be, Though Is Probably Not, an Exterminator


Kim Addonizio, Opossums in Oakland

Julia Alvarez, Refugee Women

Kevin Bowen, Les Anciennes Combattants

Edward Field, Homeland Security

Kelle Groom, Eviction / House on Baxter Ave. / In the City

Rick Hilles, The Insomnia Room

Timothy Liu, Labels / Stonewalled

Christopher Merrill, Letter of Farewell

Yi Ping, Spring / The End

David Radavich, In Exile

Steven Sher, My Father’s Birthday / The Watch

Joan I. Siegel, Ragman of Middletown / Exile / Outlawed

Sasha Skenderija, Fourth of July

Dan Stryk, Einstein and the Amsel

Shawn Sturgeon, Outlandish

Meredith Trede, Looking for Degrees of Consanguinity

Alpay Ulku, Pay Day

Huang Xiang, Refusing Exile / A Promise to Meet in This Life


Name, from Title

Chris Abani, Resisting the Anomie: Exile and the Romantic Self

Ammar Abdulhamid, Of Exile, Guilt and Messianic Aspirations

Roberto Ampuero, Exile as Identity: The Case of the Latin America Writer

Er Tai Gao, from Searching for Home

Fernando Garavito, from Exiles (1944-2005)

Wayne Karlin, Internal Exile and Communal Memory: Conversations with Three Writers Born of War

Bei Ling, Choice: A Fated Tragedy

Bridget Meeds, House Hunting with Reza


Ezzat Goushegir, Medea Was Born in Fallujah