Doug Hagley


Misha, Chippoke Na Gomi

Kathy Acker, A Section from a Work about Rimbaud

Mark Amerika, Village Tripping

Amiri Baraka, The New Recreation Program

Jonathan Baumbach, from Stills from Imaginary Movies

Jerry Bumpus, Mr. Tangible

George Chambers, from Stickers

Stephen Dixon, Olivia’s Essay

Rikki Ducornet, Minus Twitty at Beetle Gulch

Raymond Federman, The Square Planet

B.H. Friedman, Between the Flags

Marianne Hauser, The Missing Page

Harold Jaffe, Eros/Exxon

Steve Katz, Gothic Screenplay Valentine’s Day

Janet Kauffman, Details from Daily Life

Stacey Levine, The Hump

Judy Lopatin, Limbo

Clarence Major, Mobile Axis: A Triptych

Stephen-Paul Martin, The Great Airport Mystery

Jacques Servin, Luck: A New York Fairy Tale

Yuriy Tarnawsky, Chemnitz Kills a Rat

Keith Taylor, Three Shorts

Curtis White, Tales of the Hippies