Courtesy of Peter Stine


Carol Bly, Hard Calls

Jim Ray Daniels, Gravity

Robert Fagan, The Atlantic The First Course

George Garrett, Spilling the Beans: A Letter to Linda Evangelista

Gary Gildner, I Have Work to Do

Laura Kasischke, Dangerous Hobbies

Janet Kauffman, Sour

Philip Kobylarz, Lake Shore Drive

Peter LaSalle, I Got Lucky, I’ll Swear to You

C.M. Mayo, Close to San Miguel

Jane McCafferty, Berna’s Place

Edith Pearlman, The Shrug

Gerald Shapiro, The Naming of Parts


Liana Alaverdova, Brighton Beach Love Poem

John Balaban, A Poor Sap Taking It Hard

Ron Carlson, The Neighborhood So Far / There Were Two of Them in the Car

David Citino, Cold, Cold Love

Debra Pennington Davis, Serenade / A Few Small Poems I Know By Heart / In This

Mark Doty, Essay: The Love of Old Houses

Stuart Dybek, Drive

Linda Frost, Reclaiming My Love

Albert Goldbarth, Mad / The Joining Song / The Constellations

Donald Hall, Gerontological Eros

Bob Hicok, Mortal Shower

Roy Jacobstein, ‘Squid’s Sex Life Revealed in USA Today’

Walt McDonald, Sons and Lovers / Leaving Sixty

Sarah Shaw Middleton, Grandma Shaw

Linda Pastan, Unambivalent Love Poem

Virgil Suarez, Mutagens

Virginia Chase Sutton, Water Landing / Loving the Juggler

Judith Taylor, River Barge / Selected Dreams From the Animal World

Robert Thomas, After Steiglitz’s Photograph of Heavy Roses / The Hypnotist

Charles Harper Webb, Discovering Greenland

Nancy Willard, Love in America

Susan Wood, 19 Pear Street / Balloons

Robert Wrigley, Washing Her Hair


Alan Kaufman, Me and Carl Little Crow

Leslie Lawrence, Dogs and Children

Thomas Lynch, The Blindness of Love

Photography and Drawings

Tom Pohrt, Love Lost

Mark Steinmitz, Love in Athens, Georgia