Doug Hagley


Geoffrey Clark, Cow Love

Wendy Dutton, What Comes from the Ground

Robert Fox, The Boones, the Crocketts, the Grumblies, the Wobblies

C.J. Hribal, Consent

Janet Kauffman, Red at Risk

Paul Milenski, American Rustic

Ran Diego Russell, The Half-Life of Justice


Dean Albarelli, Farm Haiku

Sally Ball, Miracles

Rod Farmer, Pigs

Alice B. Fogel, Barbed Wire

Bob Hicok, Your Father Dead / Service; Memorial Day

William Heyen, The Calves / Semi-Colon Gene Calves: General Pool & Place Data / Root Music / Forces / Wingdust / Disk Text

Alan Kaufman, Across the Mississippi

William Kloefkorn, KTSW, Sunday Morning / Shooting Sparrows

Maxine Kumin, Early Thoughts of Winter

David Lee, The Legend of the Monster in 2 Draw

Mia Leonin, Miss Sue

Timothy Liu, Off I-80

Linda Pastan, The Rescue

David Robertson, What is Left of the Sweetness / Keeping Watch / Country Legacy

Yvonne V. Sapia, Pond in Moonlight, in Sunlight

Henry Taylor, Rawhide


Alison Baker, Toward the End of the Road

Rick Bass, My Congressman

Carol Bly, In the Maternity Wing, Madison, Minnesota

Dennis Covington, War Stories

Jack Driscoll, Stalking the Wilder Heart

Steven Horowitz, 24 Definitions of Rural

Nancy Lord, On Not Being Alone

Josip Novakovich, Son of a Gun