Bruce Ian Meader


Madison Smartt Bell, The Forgotten Bridge

Tom Clark, from The Exile of Celine

Peter Najarian, from Daughters of Memory

Clara Asscher-Pinkhof, Star Children


Tom Absher, Newsreel

David Ignatow, Its Name

Charles Simic, That Bit of Vaudeville

Ruth Whitman, The Testing of Hanna Senesh


Eugene Arden, There Was No Cheering

Sidney Bolkosky, Listening for the Silences

Lawrence Langer, Cultural Resistance to Genocide

Harry Mulisch, Death and the Maiden

Norma Rosen, The Second Life of Holocaust Imagery

Alvin Rosenfeld, Primo Levi

Peter Stine, German Complicity in the Armenian Genocide / Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis, and the Holocaust