Bruce Ian Meader


Lee K. Abbott, What She’s Saying Now

Brenda Flanagan, On a Point of Order

Steve Heller, The Road Ahead

Gordon Lish, The Dog

Leo Litwak, Mouth to Mouth

Joyce Carol Oates, Black

Lynne Sharon Schwartz, The Last Frontier

Gordon Weaver, Bunce’s Neighbors


Dawne Adam, Photograph of the End of the War

Robert Bly, Snowstorm Coming

Maud Burnett, The Necropolis at St. Pierre L’Estrier/ Culta Inculta / After Closing Time

Tom Disch, Death Wish IV / A Tree in the Dark

Russell Edson, A Childhood / Under Things / The Family Trust

Nonfiction & Art

Joe David Bellamy, The Magazine Wars: A Memoir

Tom Megalis, Portraits of Coal Miners

Arun Nevader with Michael Richards, Guatemala 1984: Inside the Ixil Triangle