Arun Nevader


Richard Currey, from Crossing Over

Stephen Dunning, Letter

Tony Earley, The Simple Presence of Geese

Teresa Jordan, The Peach Orchard

Janet Kauffman, Unhoused, Among the Trunks of Trees

Richard Krawiec, Hardening of the Arteries

David Marcus, Ghost of a Dance

Askold Melnyczuk, Chairs

Katie Mikesell, Those Girls, Those Girls, Those Lovely Tattooed Girls

Josip Novakovich, A Rondo Sucks in Everybody’s Soul and Body

Fred Pfeil, Freeway Bypass (detail from map)

Bill Roorbach, A Trap Line

Thomas J. Ruane, Saints

Mona Simpson, A Portrait of an Acrobat

Cynthia Wachtell, The Cat is on the Mat


Amy Gerstler, On Wanting to Grow Horns Ether Dear Mom

Bob Hicok, Alice Wakes at Two and Looks Out the Window / AIDS

Thomas Lynch, The Lives of Women / Veni Creator Spiritus / Casablanca / Custody / A Rhetoric Upon Brother Michael’s Rhetoric Upon the Window / At the Opening of Oak Grove Cemetery Bridge

Susan Wheeler, The Source of Distress / Stud Muffin


Rosellen Brown, The Jewish Writer as Endangered Species


Roxanne Frith, The Strength of Life

David C. Turnley, Soviet Journal