Ellen Wilt


Madison Smartt Bell, Blood Harvest

Richard Burgin, Brook

David Daniel, The Crying Room / Sex / Hotel

Megan Donovan, Fading

Matthew Goodman, Pirates

Lucy Honig, Josephine’s Release

Ha Jin, The Russian Prisoner

T.M. McNally, Recovery

Kirk Nesset, Scream / Mr. Erotic

Charlotte Painter, Deep End

Barry Silesky, Columbus on Halstead / Happy Hour

Jeffrey Talmadge, Carol Is Divorced

Steve Yarbrough, Hoe Hands

Nina Zivancevic, Story About a Falcon


Ruth Behar, The Last Days

Kim Bridgford, Half a Heart / A Sympathetic Woman

Kevin McIlvoy, Census

Ian McLachlan, Five Vietnamese Words

Carl Phillips, I See a Man / Aubade for Eve Under the Arbor

Kirsten Smith, Doctor’s Visit / Marlene / First Words / Typical Bobby

Katherine Soniat, Triolette / Hot Air

Laurel Trivelpiece, The Nursery / White-Crowned Sparrows


Kira Salak, Bone Yard Stretch

David Shields, Almost Famous