Rick Lieder


Marcia Aldrich, The Woman Who Loved Dentists

Paul L. Allman, We Have Time

Rita Ariyosha, Jamming Traffic

Amy Knox Brown, Sex

Richard Cortez Day, A Piece of Ground

Janice Eidus, Making Love, Making Movies

David Evanier, A Funeral

John C. Hampsey, Measuring the Loss of Brisa

Edward Hardy, Large Object Day

Michael Miller, Asian Eyes

Kirk Nesset, The Noise That Wants To Be Joy / Paging Barry Badly

Elizabeth Oness, A Confusion of Light

Thomas Ruane, FDR at Vassar

William D. Schaefer, Lester Leaped

Barbara Selfridge, Another Man’s Son


Kevin Bowen, Snapshots from LZ Julie / The Sandhaulers at Hue

Marcus Cafagna, All the Bells

Ales Debeljak, The Ousted Colonel / The Man in the Foreign Legion / A Subdued Pain in August

Daniel Mark Epstein, The Widow / The Survivors

Stuart Friebert, Handfishing / Finnish Taxi / Another Mother Poem

Walter Griffin, My Stepfather’s Eyebrows / Night Trains

Lou Lipsitz, Against Literature

Alyce Miller, On Testifying on / My Friend’s Behalf…

Edward Nobles, Cleansing: A Saga / Once Again, It’s Over

Gary Soto, Freud Is My Friend / Buddha Christ, and the Clock / What God Do You Believe?

Darrell Stafford, Open Letter to Betsy Ann / 1993

Alison Stone, Mother, HIV+ / Many Parties

Brian Swann, The Endless Overture

Charles E. Webb, Optimism / Tiny Feet


Carol Ascher, The Dress

Lawrence Douglas, Exhumations of Dreams


Robert Turney, St. Patrick’s Day, Las Vegas