Rick Lieder


Richard Burgin, Bodysurfing

John J. Clayton, Let’s Not Talk Politics, Please

H.E. Francis, In the Metro

Ivy Goodman, Virtue

Karen Heuler, And the Snake / Sinuous

Peter LaSalle, Rumors

William Lycheck, Love is a Temper

Susan Moon, Death Valley

Margo Rabb, Pumpernickel

Elissa Schappell, Comet

David Y. Todd, A Boy from Town


Mary Jo Bang, Café Edgar

Bruce Cohen, Neighborly Love

Christine Garren, The Observatory / Radiator / Corners

David Ignatow, The Daguerreotype

Peter Marcus, Fermentation

David Moolten, Telling It / Photograph of Boots, Base Camp Near An Khe, Binh Dinh Province, 1967 / At the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial


B.A. St. Andrews, Penelope’s Wall

Philip Garrison, Working Wet


Anna Clara Gersh, School at Juvenile Court