Paul M. Sherman


Kim Bridgford, Pieces

Pat Carr, A Day for Silk Stockings

Dan Chaon, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom

Stephen Dixon, The Lot

Kenneth J. Emberly, Spider

Castle Freeman, Jr., Where I Lived and How I Came There

Kirby Gann, Mattie Sterling in the Grand Scheme of Things

Becky Hagenston, Close Enough

Richard Hefter, Mercy

Ha Jin, An Entrepreneur’s Story

Tom LeClair, Well-Founded Fear

Alyce Miller, Friends: An Elegy

Barry Peters, The Teller

Douglas Gilmore Power, What Do You Think of White People?

Gary D. Wilson, Habits Not Easily Broken


Richard Elman, Atonement

Michael Hettich, One Language to Forget With

Laura Kasischke, Roxy’s Bordello / Boarded Up / The Planet

Edward Kleinschmidt, Humiliation

Matthew Lippman, Not the Millenium / Drought Days

Noah Mass, Watching The Ten Commandments

Peter E. Murphy, The Performance

Quentin Rowan, Exiles

Charlie Smith, I Try to Remember I Am Dying / Too Fine a Point

Charles H. Webb, The Secret History of Rock & Roll / Measuring Man

Jody Zorgdrager, Daughter’s Lullaby / Spitting


Paul Auster, Translator’s Note

S.L. Wisenberg, The Children of Theresienstadt


Ken Baird, The Border Project