Matt Weeder


George Blake, A Wedding Night’s Quandry

Catherine Brady, The Lives of the Saints

Elizabeth Brundage, Widower Morgan

Richard Burgin, The Ignorant Girl

Jack Driscoll, Stardog

Ernest J. Finney, The Olive Princess

Debra Marquart, The Montana Turned / Waiting for Dean / Wearing Dead Women’s Clothes

David R. Means, Two Fables from Michigan

Frank Michael, Rose and Carl and Jeff

William D. Schaefer, Ronnie

Layle Silbert, Afterlife

Terese Svoboda, Stubble

Marc Wortman, Death Benefits


Joel Brouwer, Steve’s Commando Paintball, San Adriano, California / Conservatory Pond, Central Park, New York

Jill Gonet, Constriction / Wind / Recollections During the Gulf War

Roy Jacobstein, Near Rusomo

Terry King, On a Leaf in a Dissertation

Cate Marvin, The Articulate / Mediterranean Blood Syndrome

Walt McDonald, My Cousin and the Model T / My Logger Father

Joan Murray, Taking the Count / Twentieth-Century Creativity

Edward Nobles, Self-Portrait with a Woman

Lia Purpura, Grasses / Lesson

Bethany Saltman, Daylight Savings

John E. Smelcer, My Indian Grandmother

Speaks to Animals / How the West Was Won / Mileposts


David Evanier, On Venice Beach

Shara McCallum, Jamaica Farewell


Therese Becker, Southeastern High School

Christine Saari, The Birth of Nicolai