Doug Hagley


Rita Welty Bourke, Gunnison Beach

Amy Knox Brown, Declensions

Richard Cortez Day, Out and Back

Linh Dinh, In the Vein

Jason Hammel, Birds Get Away From Everything

Edward Hardy, The Allotropes Luck

Joshua Harmon, Signs / Hattie Dalton

William Heyen, The Babies

Trudy Lewis, Galpal’s Cribnotes to Pregnancy

Lou Mathews, Potential

Kirk Nessett, Deal, Said the Angel / The Shape of the Beach

Jay Neugeboren, This Third Life

Paula Peters, A Very Good Samaritan

Randy Michael Signor, Guerrillas on Vacation


Aliki Barnstone, First Memory / The Black Room

Stephen C. Behrendt, Andrew / Beggars

Nathaniel Bellows, Foaling

Bruce Bond, 1979

Millicent C. Borges, Spitting Nails / Buying Sleep

Justine Buisson, Vulture Season / Vulture Love

Hayden Carruth, Likely

Michael Casey, my girl at the picnic / Donald Labat / Daniece’s loss

Robert Dana, Selling the Earth and Everything On It

Michael Heffernan, The Secret Parts of Fortune

Bob Russell, Flurry / On Logging Road #9 / Snow

Michael Thomas Martin, The Coming of the Horse

Alpay Ulku, The Seal and the Seagull / Crossing Fort Pitt Bridge by Foot

Ben Wilensky, Feeding

Eve Wood, The People Who Touch My Food / Studying the Spider


Josip Novakovich, Sawdust Memories


Charlotte Templin, Interview with Carol Bly


David P. Gilkey, Lost Children of Kosovo