Paolo Morales / “Self portrait looking at snow”
from the series “These Days I Feel Like a Snail Without a Shell.” Shot during the first 2016 snow storm outside the artist’s apartment in Arlington, Virginia. 24×20 in., archival inkjet print.


Aditi Machado, Il y a un futur. Le futur passe., Meniscus

Matthew Mahaney, From the Mapmaker Fables, Small Senses, Music Exposure

Shayla Lawson, Strawberry Swing

Felicia Zamora, In Middle with Other, Peel-back, O for Passage

Cristiana Baik, Winter Solistice

Jasmine Dreame Wagner, A Vivid White Space


Lois Taylor, Tom

Ethan Chatagnier, Dr. Diaz at the Brink

Marilyn Abildskov, Goodness

David Crouse, Beautiful Dead Thing

Annie Reid, I Don’t Feel Like Myself Today


Cynthia Lim, After the Plane Crash