Spring Cover

Bobby Neel Adams


Lisa Rosenberg, from Flight

Megan Snyder-Camp, Folklore, Ozette

Karyna McGlynn, The Devil Chains Me to the Microphone

Elizabeth Onusko, The Possibility of Refusing All Else

Sumita Chakraborty, Hound

Sarah Crossland, La Mancha, Afterwards

Sandra Meek, Still Life with Scenic Drive: Strix varia georgica (Southern Barred Owl), Bikers, and Boar Hunters

José Hernández Díaz, The Circus, The Winter

Taisia Kitaiskaia, Time Is a Bride


Jimmy Cajoleas, John Gee’s Vision

Elissa Cahn, Leave No Trace

Nhi Huynh, Caught

Jaclyn Dwyer, What to Make of a Diminished Thing

Derek Palacio, Preparations for the Body

John Brandon, Late October

M.W. Larson, Hay in Summer

Stephanie Carpenter, Trial Watchers


Sharon Dolin, Rear Window: The Ethics of Seeing and Telling

Gabriel Heller, My Violence

Wendy Call, La Intrépida

Ginger Gaffney, Learning to Walk


Bobby Neel Adams, Memento Mori