* Author’s Note: Each poem has been assembled using only
language from the names of companies found in the inaugural
Fortune 500 from 1955.


Lily white, hocking news of a dry spring, a snowdrift can supply a
glen of white viscose & sugars. A glen, joy of a farm, chance host
of dry powder, can host chemical solvents, foremost gypsum, & a
crown of refractories, foremost copper, brass, barium, & sterling.
Home of tulip, carnation, & blue-bell, a river controls
transportation of lumber, pure of fibers, supply of rayon solvents.
A star, optical radio of combustion, carbonic singer of spring, can
signal & point, coil & dart, watch & mirror. A foundry, liquid
crucible, works foremost of spring & mirror.


O pets o oats o carbon
O chemical brands o pacific brands o liquid brands, liquid metals
O Ontario, Canada o Minnesota o Cleveland
O pacific powder of paper & pharmaceuticals
Interstate trucks, tube of petroleum & foremost wheel of supply,
great viscose wheel of industries
Young city, quantum city
Consolidated shell of a city
O joy of lone climax, climax of global consolidation, foremost
farms & dairies
O pipe
O Cuban cigar
O dresser of ideal glass,
Wheeler of great cigars, great arms
O sterling ideal, bliss & young smelting of works


A precision textile can radio blue of blue fibers: marine blue &
tidewater blue, granite blue & midland blue, carbide blue & allied
blue, royal blue & silver blue, solar blue & atlas blue, continental
blue & equity blue. Point of point a crown of fibers. An oat-white
& blue sheet of fine rayon fibers, brewing a fine air of home, can
spring of spring times & ideal news. Publishers publishing news of
lone farms & dairies, a viscose spring of liquid & oats.


Precision arms radio white of white chemicals. A spring of gas & a
climax of optical works. A western snowdrift motors west of a
tidewater gulf, east of textile mills milling blue fibers (anchor blue,
petroleum blue), packing a white belt of powder. A camp, a wire,
& a signal. A drug supply &, packing a gas shell, a basic pond of
group fuel. News, foremost. Foremost a coil of forest & lone
beech. Liquid sugars & a combustion drug. Dry cement. A zenith
of viscose sulphur & metals & a white crane of carbonic spring.