In certain cultures the future
to the back where we can’t see
than we can the weather

dreams have been worse
the content I think of Gregor
dreams it depends on
ease back out of my body
up and wake less certain

I never study the forecast
I guess I like to be surprised
disappointment the problem
to everything unlikely or fantastic
disappointed or maybe a bit slow

I never saw it coming the car
of an accident and
from Sex and the City
in an episode from
was performing
three hundred feet away
hold a magic wand and
differently what

what is it you think
something hopeful

is referred to with a gesture
because we can’t predict the future anymore
though there are portents I know my anxiety

than usual lately though I don’t remember
Samsa and his ‘troubled’ or ‘uneasy’
how it’s translated I want to translate my dis-
or tell it to shut the fuck
of all that I’m uncertain about

the prevision as it’s called in Romance languages
not to worry to look forward not back not risk
as I see it is that I am good at looking forward
as I am idealistic meaning I am constantly
to adapt to life’s crutches and time’s arrow for

when it hit that’s the whole point
I didn’t expect to see an actress in a scene
manhandling a vibrator in a Sharper Image
fifteen years ago the same actress who
at that same moment in a play called Look Away
from where I watch her past self incredulous
I bet she thought it would all go down
actress doesn’t want to be famous and

she sees in her previsions now
I hope