Doug Hagley


Felicia Ackerman, Entertain the Thought

Richard Burgin, Dates in Hell

Richard Dokey, Starter Home

William Eisner, The Baby Rocker

H.E. Francis, This, My Body

Tom House, Small Window

Willaim Loizeaux, Wader Man

Maile Meloy, Kite Whistler Aquamarine

Frank Michel, The Psychic

Edith Pearlman, Calvin

Midge Raymond, Anodyne

June Akers Seese, Talking to the Fat Man

Porter Shreve, The Eloquent Exterminator

Terese Svoboda, The Mountain


Allen Braden, Premonition / Elegy in the Passive Voice

Patricia Corbus, Psalm for Tim—Salesman, Soldier / Language of Prayer / About Fish

Lou Lipsitz, After Chagall

Michael Thomas Martin, Cartoons Started at Seven / Stranglehold

Diane Mehta, The Shape of Water

Michael Miller, Scars

Christine E. Montross, Bonemeal / On a Plate / What She Has Called Bouquet

Kevin Prufer, Technophobic Sonnet / What the Paymaster Said

John E. Smelcer, January, After a Cold Spell / Returning the Gift

Gerald Stern, Spider / For the Bee

Nance Van Winckel, News / Lannie Hugged Me in the Stairwell / The Passing / The Visitation


James McKean, Playing for Jud

Valerie Miner, Tomorrow

Josip Novakovich, A Croatian Train Romance

Robert Walser, From the Life of a Writer / Essay on Bismarck / The Bob / The Belletristic Book


David P. Gilkey, Afghanistan