Doug Hagley


David Borofka, Financial Planning in the New Millennium

Mark Brazaitis, The Policeman

Sharon Dilworth, There Is No Bob

Katherine Haake, The Opposite of Stone

B. Lee Hope, Recreational Biting

Arthur Winfield Knight, The Good Egg

Martin Krasney, A Place in the World

R. Jess Lavolette, Sodality

Jeanne M. Leiby, Pink

Elizabeth McKenzie, My Mother, All Tied Up

Sondra Spatt Olsen, Man Against Nature

Willa Rabinovitch, Blowdown

Mitch Wieland, Kabuki-cho

Lex Williford, The Tub


Judith Arcana, The Train is in the station

Michael Casey, Don’t Mention It / Monster at the Sand Pit / Texas Across the River / An Tan / Helmet Liner

Martha Collins, The Bombs

Jim Daniels, The Art of Letting It All Hang Out / Chaos Theory / Pure Imagined Moon / Pudgy / Girl with Giant Purse

Melanie Drane, Deer Season / Spelling into Hands

Kitty Foley, Surprise of a Scream

Mary Jo Firth Gillett, Sea Monkeys

Douglas Goetsch, Young Italians / My Bad

Jeff Gundy, Spring Comes to the Buckeye Quarry / Peepers

Chard deNiord, First Touch / Through a Train Window

Rachel Richardson, Light / The Lesson

Faith Shearin, Becoming a Mother / Opera


Brenda Miller, Raging Waters


Charlee Brodsky, Torsos