Andrew Goodrich


Brad Babin, Ride the Lonesome Rails

Keith Banner, Spider in the Snow

Richard Burgin, Uncle Simon and Gene

Michael Czyzniejewski, Learning Portuguese

William Giraldi, The Hero’s Body

Ethan Hauser, Industries of the Blind

Janet Kauffman, Downstream

Peter LaSalle, Hydrofoil

Kevin Lavey, Time for School

Jane McCafferty, Thank You for the Music

Edith Pearlman, Purim Night

Matthew Pitt, Au Lieu des Fleurs

Dan Pope, Daze

Dean Schabner, Man in Landscape (study)


Amy Beeder, Again, the Donkey / Hangman

Shane Book, Photograph of Religious Sacrifice, Tarahumara, Mexico, 1984 / The One

Kevin Bowen, The Road to Son Tay / Dioxin

Susan Davis, Patience

Kelle Groom, Pool / A Syllable Missed Could Keep You at Sea

Meg Kearney, Good Night, Good-Bye / On Learning That Henry Ford Was an Anti-Semite

MaryJo Mahoney, Green Stone III

Edward Nobles, Kick the Can / Dark Memories

Susan Rich, Fissure

Annie Stine, Gift Poem


Greg Bottoms, The Distance Between Then and Now


Mark Steinmetz, Protesting the Invasion of Iraq, Boston, March 2003