Paul D’Amato


Alan Cheuse, Ben in Amboy

Halina Duraj, Terrible Driver

Atar Hadari, The Flute

R. Jess Lavolette, Yasukuni Incident

Jim Meirose, The Good Mother

Carrie Messenger, In the Pines

Matthew Modica, Road Through Erlemagh

Paula Morris, Red Christmas

Josip Novakovich, Dutch Treat

Jess Row, The World in Flames

Robert Wexelblatt, Steppe Story

Evan Morgan Williams, Tumble Me Like a Shell in Shallow Waves


Sally Ball, For Doctor Joshua Sonett / Eight- to Twelve-Hour Surgery

Aaron Bannister, Position / Crabs

Marina Colasanti, Afternoon in an Empty House

Eduardo Chirinos, Poet’s House

Linda Nemec Foster, Tableaux: Poland

Shmuel HaNagid, Prayer on the Battlefield / In the Cup Are My Portions

Emmy Hunter, The Moment of Exchange / Continually Approaching Mount Fuji / Bangkok

Christina Hutchins, Die Rote Jacke / From the Hold

Karen Kevorkian, Put Down That Heavy Kettle / The One-Windowed Room

Ko Un, An Outcry

Dana Levin, Sun Sutra

Ngo Tu Lap, Darkness

Eric Pankey, Trace / Blackbirds, Crows, Grackles, and Ravens

Lee Felice Pinkas, Constitution

Lia Purpura, from King Baby

Reginald Shepherd, And This She Knows / Narcissus Before the Rain

Dawn Tefft, In the House of the House of Miniatures

Lesley Wheeler, Horror Stories

Jerry Williams, Love and Oncology


Tim Bascom, Community College

Kathleen Zamboni McCormick, Holy Cards