David H. Wells / Aurora Photos


Ayşe Papatya Bucak, The History of Girls

Jonathan Callahan, Cymbalta

Mauro Javier Cardenas, The Revolutionaries Try Again

Chris Gavaler, A Very Light Fever

Marisa Handler, Blood and Honey

Natalie Harris, How Such a Thing Could Happen

Dustin M. Hoffman, Avoiding Accident in the Subdivisions

Sarah Hulse, Roses

L. Lee Löwe, Snow Leopard

Robert Shuster, The Existence of the Opposite


Monica Berlin, Dear So-and-So,

Sarah Blake, God Created Night and It Was Night / The Fallible Face / So Kanye Transformed Himself, Producer to Superstar

Amanda Chiado, Golden Disaster

A.V. Christie, Ice Man

Weston Cutter, Rent the Elements / Becoming Zoo

Jaydn DeWald, News, Breaking / Vero Beach (or, Landscape with Oil) / Autumn Refrain (II)

Sharon Dolin, Kafka’s Hands

Hugh Fox, Here I Am

Michael Homolka, Emanation, I – V

Josh Kalscheur, Explanation

Rachel Mennies, Eating Animals Without Faces / Amidah for Teenage Girls

Ines P. Rivera Prosdocimi, Sabine’s Shaven Head

Prageeta Sharma, Adversity

Holly Wren Spaulding, Not the Blue Walls Blackening, Then the Ghostly Curtains,

Lehua M. Taitano, Create a Sibling, a Counterpart to Your Shale-flaked Centerself… / Bare Your Back to Outside Air. To Sun if It’s a Sunday…

Melissa Tuckey, the wheel

Daneen Wardrop, History of the Russian Empire

Abe Louise Young, Post-Katrina Salvage

Yang Zi, 1976


Oggy Bleacher, The Saga of Poco Diablos

Kevin Haworth, Plagues

Colleen Kinder, Measure the Sky Over Mexico City

Gregory Martin, Brittany’s Choice

Jennifer Percy, Bodies

Colin Rafferty, Notes Toward Building the Memorial


David H. Wells, from Foreclosed Dreams