in the elation
                                    the moon
                                    gibbous is funny

servant perhaps or standard
                                    burnt rosewood

tree–fin better yet red
                                    slate counter
                                    functional static

the moon stands funny
                                    bored in red

bored by burnt counter or
                                    tree–fin yet

standard bearer standing
                                    he laughs

unsettled we know it round
                                    mountain gibbous
                                    moonlight peek

what is a tree–fin he asks
                                    born standing

we stood in the elation
                                    under gibbous
                                    laughed at hollow

a better servant perhaps
                                    others full

better yet he laughs
                                    tree–fin a

the servant has a tell
                                    red wind
                                    gibbous moon

standing in the elation
                                    word in sand
                                    moon through wind