Ed Kashi / VII Photo Agency


Abdul Shakoor Jawad, The Hasher

Dennis Kennedy, War Babies

Kristen Blanco Gottstein, How Easily Swept Away

Patty Houston, Beer Sponsor

Andrew Wickenden, Inklinks

Elise Blackwell, Secessio

Daniel A. Hoyt, Girl X

Mark Rigney, The Last Horse in Skopje

Afsheen Farhadi, The World at His Feet

Sebastian Langdell, You, You, You

Joel Fishbane, A New Widow

Ihab Hassan, Alternate Lives


Jason Sommer, Plague Tale

Jennifer Duffield White, On Confluence, On Skiiing

Eric Pankey, The Incredulity of Saint Thomas, Still Life

Timothy Liu, The Crisis

Anne Barngrover, Driving down from Georgia and the Doors are Painted Blue

Paul Cunningham, Will Appear

Donna Stonecipher, Snow Series 1

Zach Savich, Century-Swept

Tom Daley, After a Stroke, My Mother Addresses the Lord while Watching Footage of the Aftermath of the Earthquake in Haiti; After a Stroke, My mother Listens to a Chapter of Tolstoy’s War and Peace; After a Stroke, My Mother Tells Me How She Re-Imagines the Ho Chi Minh Trail as Our Neighborhood in Connecticut the Day After JFK’s Inaugural

Andrew Pryor, Pastoral for the Beasts of the Field, Pastoral in the Shape of a Matryoshka Doll, Postcard: New Year’s Eve

Fiona Sze-Lorrain, Few Days Before Christmas

Barbara Tomash, Lives


Kaethe Schwehn, Tailings

Sally Franson, The Tour Guide

Susan Sterling, The Summer of Uncle Tom

Bill Pitts, An Angry Jesus

Steven Matthew Brown, A Burgeoning Life: Decisions of a Gay Catholic Priest

Ronald M. Gauthier, Appalling Silence

Eve Fairbanks, Pardon’d

Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, Snapshots of a Decade

Nina Rota, Passing

Pamela Skjolsvik, Saving Violet


Kris Sakneussemm, School for the Dead


Ed Kashi (VII Photo Agency), Dr. Ira Byock, Palliative Care Pioneer