David Maisel / INSTITUTE

Editor’s Comment

Maile Chapman, Witness editor


James Gallant, Segovia in Uruguay

Elvis Bego, Hamza the Comedian

Sarah Strickley, Peek-a-Boo

Bipin Aurora, Satish Kapoor

David Rutschman, The Squirrels

David Driscoll, Orphans On the Moon

Maxim Loskutoff, Bobby’s Brain

Elizabeth Eslami, New Year

Heidi Diehl, Voice Mail

Almasi Hines, Women and Men

Ariana–Sophia Kartsonis, Wishwoman


Mike White, American Gothic, Migration

A.E. Clark, Hook

Nate Pritts, Ghost Officer, It Was Just Thinking

Andrew S. Nicholson, Aesop, Friedrich Hölderlin, I’m Listening

Peter Covino, from Armies in the Blood, Ecstatic Song

Peter Burghardt, Say It (#6), East Texas

Graham Foust, Poem

Joseph Chapman, Wilderness

Felicia Zamora, from Imbibe {et alia} here

Kathryn Cowles, Glossary, Stopper

James Meetze, from Phantom Hour

Sandra Meek, Neritina virginea, Acedia

Amaranth Borsuk, The Familiar Spirit

Ariana–Sophia Kartsonis, Wishwoman


Leslie Jamison, It Does Not Happen By Machine

Sarah Salway, The Algiatrist’s Clocke

Jeff Parker, Stuck in the Lift

Laura Mullen, Ghost Story

Jonathan Fink, The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper


Albena Stambolova, Ghosts (from Everything Happens As It Does)

Timothy O’Grady, Prologue (from Monoghan)


David Maisel (INSTITUTE), from Library of Dust