For “red” read “I should not have done it, should have left it alone; I don’t know what came over me or why I could not, try as I might, overcome it.” For “oceanic” read “leeward, as when the ball dribbles its way to the center of the earth and the heart barely hears its own beat but never fails to heed yours.” For “lard” read “a studied casualness that disguises genuine casualness.” For “incandescent” read “drowned in love’s apposite fortunes, leering at gushes in the gust of a fragrance.” For “thimbled” read “record–breaking heat reducing statutes to mud puddles and ideas to pruning hooks.” For “cyclic” read “swollen.” For “brush briskly for five minutes with a capon–minder” read “off–limits.” For “crustacean” read “crustacean.” For “you be my gracious refuge now, song” read “why do you rouse my soul and stir up the past; be merciful, desist, desist, let the embers of my joy be.” For “daemonic dispossession” read “season of mist and mellow fruitlessness.”