Elaine Mayes


Richard Burgin, Robert and His Wife

John J. Clayton, Loser’s Paradise

William J. Cyr, Shush

Jerry Dennis, Zoom

Castle Freeman, Jr., Women in the Barn

Jo Neace Krause, The Good in Men

Michael Lowenthal, Ordinary Pain

Wendell Mayo, Goda

Carolyn Osborn, First Wife

Bill Roorbach, Taughannock Falls

Caila Rossi, The Last of Virginia

Jose Skinner, Age of Copper


Robert Funge, Soft Stone

Susan Hamor, Celestial Reckoning

Laura Henrikson, Silo / Electric Penis

David Moolten, Manger

Chard deNiord, I Get Up When I’m Dead / Every Imagination

Lynn Sharon Schwartz, Grade-School Mnemonics / Will I Become

Carolyn Stoloff, Point Overlook / Disruption Flow

Russell Thorburn, Fathers / After Bingo

Claire Nicolas Write, Middle Ages / Return to Saint Odilienberg, Easter 2000 / The Ghost Road


Marcia Aldrich, The Fine Art of Slumping

Ursula Goodenough, Seventeen, 1960-61


Elaine Mayes, Haight-Ashbury 1967-68