Doug Hagley


Ron Carlson, Oxygen

Cortney Davis, Ruptured

C.J. Hribal, The Everfresh Canning Company

Richard Holinger, Home / Gold on All His Fingers / Guarding the Warehouse

Edith Pearlman, Cavalier

R.C. Ringer, Grossman’s Progress

Richard Rubin, Black History Month

William Tester, Wet

Chuck Wachtel, Fate

Nancy Zafris, Death of a Junk Peddler


John Balaban, Palindrome for Clyde Coreil in Saigon

Walter Bargen, Memphis Sewage Interceptor System / Nation Building

Jan Beatty, Mike’s Hoagie Hut, Morgantown, West Virginia, 1971 / My Father Teaches Me to Dream

Robert Bly, When Threshing Time Ends

Siv Cedering, After the Hurricane

Lisa Chen, By the Hour

David Citino, Working

Art Coelho, The Killer Horses

Ted Genoways, Bullroarer

Albert Goldbarth, A Day’s Work / The Files

Michael Hefferman, Executive Suite

Bob Hicok, What We Say / The Applicant

James R. Himelsbach, Emerging Markets

Judith Kirkwood, To Open the Door

Campbell McGrath, Capitalist Poem #36 / Capitalist Poem #38

Linda Pastan, Anniversary

Liz Rosenberg, Spring Day at Patterson Public School Number 24 / The Mailman / Sunny Day / Justice

Judith Vollmer, The Night Trains / Canning Cellar, Early Sixties


George Garrett, Hanging from the Trestle While the Train Goes By

Gary Gildner, Where We Are Now

Dana Gioia, Being Outted

Thomas Lynch, Jessica, The Hound & The Casket Trade

Nancy Willard, Not By Bread Alone: A Portrait of Simone Levy


Mark Steinmetz, Working