Joanne Curran


Fielding Dawson, Triumph!

Melvin James, Sunday’s Worship

Banning K. Lary, Death of a Duke

Kent Monroe, Jr., Perple Jesus


George C. Allen, Jr., Petri Dish Self-Portrait

Leanne Archibeque, Machaca

Darrah Cloud, Inmates

Charles Culhane, Autumn Yard

R. Geren Edwards, Nascene

Raymond Ringo Fernandez, Cell-Rapping / Plastic and Steel

Kirpal Gordon, Under the Gun Tower

Janine Pommy Vega, Human Prayer / Lurigancho

Kimberly Wozencraft, Give & Take

James Zientek, John Doe’s Father Died This A.M.


Hal Anderson, Learning Not to Escape from Prison

William R. Bates, Letters Home

Roger Buehl, The Row

Tom Cahill, AIDS May Be a Blessing

William Hester, Boom Years in the Fear Industry

Harvey Isaak, Fortune Story

Randolph Jenkins, A Note

Otis Nelson, Jr., A Piece of My Mind

Kathrin Perutz, P.E.N. and Prisons

Billy Sinclair, At Death’s Door

Jerome Washington, Nightwatch

Kimberly Wozencraft, Notes from the Country Club

Photography & Artwork

David Arroyo, Cell Block 6

Joanne Curran, Cemetery at Attica