Cameron Witbeck
Cameron Witbeck Cameron Witbeck is a 24-year-old writer from Michigan. When he isn’t working as an associate poetry editor for Passages North literary magazine or studying in the MFA program at Northern Michigan University, he enjoys hunting and milling about in the woods. His work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Rosebud, Cream City Review, Controlled Burn, Strongverse, and others.

Kenn Peterson Shares his Dream with the Michigan Dogman

I am an old man in the west of my life. In my dream, all the birch are stripped bare, bones piled into walls — deer skulls, the ribs of men, the hollow spines of wings. I hang myself from a tree for three days to learn the songs of my mishomis...

The Michigan Dogman Mourns His Father

He cut his beard with the kitchen shears — 
each strand was a day, a piece of soup stain, the carried taste of stock bones 
boiled bare in the pot. He stood shirtless by the sink 
and could not eat the plums. He left his phone on vibrate 
and when he could...

The Michigan Dogman Watches His Wife Sleep

— For Thao You kick your legs in sleep, and I think of rabbits. I whisper run, run, I’ll catch you, break my teeth with holding. I recite your scent: venison, woodsmoke, flour lilac, ground water, so I can follow in forests of sleep. I promise to lock my jaw and never...