Matthew Mahaney
Matthew Mahaney Matthew Mahaney is the author of The Plural Space (Salò 2016), The Storm that Bears Your Name (The Cupboard 2015), and Your Attraction to Sharp Machines (BatCat 2013). He lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

from The Mapmaker Fables

from The Mapmaker Fables   A child is born from snow. Her presence is signified by a string of damp clicks. She casts a perfect pulse, distracting the mapmaker from his work. After assessing his progress with a handful of copper and glass, he turns and looks to the window. Snow is...

Small Senses

A static shadow collapses. The red fog of its sound cups my ears in a loving way, and an alphabet reverses. The vibration this releases breeds a hive and my tongue recalls the wasp a machine resembles.