Studio Hyperset

Vol. XXX.3 Winter 2017

New poetry, essays and fiction from artists who exemplify the modern writer as witness to their times.

Scott Brennan

Scott Brennan lives in Miami, Florida, where he is a resident artist at the Bakehouse Art Complex located in the Wynwood District. His writing, artwork, and photography have appeared in a number of magazines, including Smithsonian, Harvard Review, The Carolina Quarterly, The Gettysburg Review, and elsewhere. His photo essay on the presidential inauguration and the...

Vol. XXX.2 Summer 2017

New poetry, essays and fiction from artists who exemplify the modern writer as witness to their times.

Witness XXX.1 (Spring 2017) Now Live

The Witness Spring 2017 issue (XXX.1) is now live.

Vol. XXX.1 Spring 2017

CURRENT ISSUE » XXX.1 (Spring 2017) Alex Nodopaka / “Seagull guano” Patterns of seagull guano found in a parking lot resemble the apparent chaos of the cosmos. Poetry Sara Henning, The First Murmuration, Fathers and Sons, The End of the Unified Field Cory Hutchinson-Reuss, Soundings Shane McCrae, Jefferson Davis the Adoptive Father of the Mulatto...

Paolo Morales

Paolo Morales is a photographer whose exhibitions include the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, ClampArt, and Hamiltonian Gallery, among others. He has done residencies at the Blue Mountain Center and Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture. He received an MFA in photography from Rhode Island School of Design and teaches at...

Vol. XXIX.3 Winter 2016

CURRENT ISSUE » XXIX.3 (Winter 2016) Paolo Morales / “Self portrait looking at snow” from the series “These Days I Feel Like a Snail Without a Shell.” Shot during the first 2016 snow storm outside the artist’s apartment in Arlington, Virginia. 24×20 in., archival inkjet print. Poetry Aditi Machado, Il y a un futur. Le...

Sugato Mukherjee

Sugato Mukherjee is a photographer and writer and has contributed to The Globe and Mail, Al Jazeera, National Geographic Traveller, The Diplomat, Yale University Journal, and many other publications. His coffee table book An Antique Land: A Visual Memoir of Ladakh was published in Delhi in 2013 and his work on the sulphur miners of...

Spectacle (Special Price)

Vol. XXIX No. 1 (Spring 2016)

Bobby Neel Adams Poetry Lisa Rosenberg, from Flight Megan Snyder-Camp, Folklore, Ozette Karyna McGlynn, The Devil Chains Me to the Microphone Elizabeth Onusko, The Possibility of Refusing All Else Sumita Chakraborty, Hound Sarah Crossland, La Mancha, Afterwards Sandra Meek, Still Life with Scenic Drive: Strix varia georgica (Southern Barred Owl), Bikers, and Boar Hunters José...

Vol. XXVIII No. 3 (Winter 2015)

Roger Camp Fiction M.X. Wang, Catalogers of the Galaxy Liv Stratman, One Per Subscriber Per Lifetime Jack Garrett, Trouble Polly Buckingham, Festival Karen Parkman, Who Would Love Them Maxine Rosaler, The Fog Man Nonfiction Joshua Furst, On Wisconsin Maria Terrone, Land of the Wounded: A Girl in the VA Poetry Lynne Potts, Twelve Clocks Dance...
Kondrich Poetry Collection Published by Parlor Press

Kondrich Poetry Collection Published by Parlor Press

Parlor Press has just published Christopher Kondrich’s new book of poetry, Contrapuntal. The book contains poems that were first published in Witness XXV.2, the Summer 2012 online issue.