John Addiego, The Immaculate Conception

Jon Biguenet, The Torturer’s Apprentice

Richard Burgin, Bodysurfing

Bonnie Jo Campbell, My Dog Roscoe

Ron Carlson, Oxygen

Richard Currey, Jackson Stillwell

Charlotte Forbes, Inside Graciella Gonsales

Lucy Honig, English as a Second Language

Janet Kauffman, Downstream

Peter LaSalle, Hockey Angels

William Loizeaux, Wader Man

Jane McCafferty, Berna’s Place

Joyce Carol Oates, The Girl with the Blackened Eye

George W. Saunders, The Wavemaker Falters

Robert Schirmer, Jerry’s Kid

John Edgar Wideman, Newborn Is Thrown in Trash and Dies

Lex Williford, The Tub


Ai, The Psychic Detective: Fantasy

John Balaban, Eddie

Jan Beatty, The Waitress Angels Speak to Me in a Vision

Robert Bly, When Threshing Time Ends

Kevin Bowen, The Road to Son Tay

Michael Casey, Don’t Mention It

Mark Doty, Homo Will Not Inherit

Stephen Dunn, The Animals of America

Stuart Dybek, Ararat

Amy Gerstler, On Wanting to Grow Horns

Albert Goldbarth, Wrestling with Each Other

Bob Hicok, Mortal Shower

Larua Kasischke, Rabbit Hole

Maxine Kumin, Pantoum, with Swan

Mary Oliver, A Summer Afternoon

Alicia Ostriker, A Walker in the City

Gary Snyder, Building

Gary Soto, Buddha, Christ & the Clock

Ray A. Young Bear, The Mask of Four Indistinguishable Thunderstorms


Sarah L. Courteau, Chicken 81

Barry Lopez, Apologia

Thomas Lynch, Jessica, the Hound & the Casket Trade

James Alan McPherson, Saturday Night, and Sunday Morning

Brenda Miller, Raging Waters

Peter Najarian, The Big Game

Josip Novakavich, Son of a Gun

Floyd Skloot, Zip

Peter Stine, Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis, and the Holocaust

Jack Turner, The Abstract Wild

Terry Tempest Williams, The Clan of One-breasted Women

Kimberly Wozencraft, Notes from the Country Club