Brett Stoddart
From “Forsaken Beauty,” a series of photos shot inside abandoned buildings.


Mark Powell, A Woman with a Torch

Heather E. Goodman, Curing

Stephanie Reents, Unstuck

Joseph Rakowski, Biometrics, A Timeline of Happiness

Maria Mutch, Logic

Ada Zhang, Propriety

Taylor Koekkoek, The Drowned Woman

Becky Hagenston, Hi Ho Cherry-O


Jenny Itell, Returning to Terabithia

Dennis James Sweeney, The Last Remedy

Amy Mackin, Epoch

Tim Eberle, Eulogy for an Aging Book Guy


Ginger Ko, Grimace to Hold Them Down

Virginia Konchan, Zeitgeist

Christopher Kondrich, Inunacknowledgeddetentionwithout

Adam Day, Enzu Seaglass, Paramita

Nina Puro, Executive Action

Terese Svoboda, All Roads Lead Away


Brett Stoddart, Forsaken Beauty