– Translated from Beatritz de Dia’s Occitan poem "[Ab joi et ab joven m’apais]"

I keep my thrive alive by youth and joy,
and youth and joy drive me,
since my boy puts the bliss in bliss
I play and play and live to kiss;
and since I’m real;
he must be too;
I can’t see love that strays and wanders—
that’s a road my heart can’t ponder.

Yes, I am so happy, for my man
when he loves the love is oh so fine.
That other boy who helped us meet—
send good things to light his world.
And if you don’t think I tell the truth:
you can bind a broom,
and with the broom be swept away.

Any girl who knows what’s up,
puts her affection in her confection,
in a dude who won’t go for mass defection,
and as soon as he proves to fill her cup,
she lets go risk and meets him face–to–face;
any guy worth any time at all,
speaks true of her who shed grace
to trade and profit in their give and take.

I’ve picked a posh and entitled guy
whose skill is fruit and makes things ripe—
he gives, doesn’t lie, or wonder why—
he has brains and sees through hype.
If he will just believe in me
and ignore lies from spies who say
I would dare to make another move
unless he left me not to live, but be.

Baby, your value
is seen by all who see,
& so I’m asking please,
stay and take care of me.

    – Original Occitan

Ab joi et ab joven m’apais,
e jois e jovens m’apaia,
que mos amics es lo plus gais,
per qu’ieu sui coindet’ e guaia;
e pois ieu li sui veraia,
bei. s taing qu’el me sia verais;
qu’anc de lui amar non m’estrais,
ni al cor que m’en estraia.

Mout mi plai, quar said que val mais
cel qu’ieu plus desir que m’aia,
e cel que primiers lo m’atrais
Dieu prec que gran joi l’atraia.
e qui que mal l’en retraia,
no. l creza, fors cel qui retrais
c’on cuoill maintas vetz los balais
ab qu’el mezeis se balaia.

Dompna que en bon pretz s’enten
deu ben pausar s’entendenssa
en un pro cavallier valen
pois qu’ill conois sa valenssa,
que l’aus amar a presenssa;
que dompna, pois am’a presen,
ja pois li pro ni li valen
no. n dirant mas avinenssa.

Qu’ieu n’ai chausit un pro e gen,
per cui pretz meillur’ e gennsa,
larc et adreig e conoissen,
on es sense e conoissenssa.
Prec li que m’aia crezenssa,
ni om no. l puosca far crezen
qu’ieu fassa vas lui faillimen,
sol non trob en lui faillensa.

Amics, la vostra valenssa
sabon li pro e li valen
per qu’ieu vos de mantenen,
si. us plaii, vostra mantenenssa.